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"IWC", Hans-F. Tölke, Jürgen King, Verlag Ineichen Zürich

"Nearly 120 years have passed since the foundation of the IWC International Watch Co. Ltd. and the publication of this work. In between there lies a period of incredible technical development, or to be more precise, an industrial revolution.

This can best be described by the catchphrases mechanisation - rationalisation - utilisation of atomic power - electronics - data processing. Everything seems possible today! Some people see this as beneficial technical progress, others as irresponsible environmental pollution and materialistic consumer ideology. Is it therefore surprising if people today oncemore begin speaking of the "the good old days"? (which were not always so good!). Whether this is justified or not, the fact that more and more contemporaries are directing their efforts towards preserving objects from the past, and particularly arts and crafts, should be given due recognition.

Thus it is with a certain pride but also with respect that we study the products from the early days of the company in the illustrations of this book. The IWC has never allowed itself to be influenced by mass opinions in its eventful history - from the one-man firm via the "family" company to the joint-stock company and today a member of a multinational group. Due to a wholehearted affirmation of technical progress combined with traditional handicraft skills, IWC watches have been and are produced that are not pure timekeepers, but products based on a philosophy, a conviction of the durability of values.

For this reason, IWC watches produced with the aid of every technical refinement and high-precision instruments can be shown without reservation alongside the high-quality veterans from the "craftmen's era". This is a confirmation of the company philosophy that the IWC will go on making only high-quality watches in limited series in the future, too.", O. Heller, 1986


1. Edition 1986.

260 pages, more than 300 pictures.